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The defence of Juventus is showing weakness, Diabate scores two goals

The defence of Juventus is showing weakness, Diabate scores two goals

by adminApril 8, 2018

Juventus striker, two goals from Verona and a Krotones goal. In 5 games, 5 goals. Average bomber. Malian wins personal bet, in a story story, though he will return to Turkey.
In January 2016, Metc sailed to the edge of the downturn zone from the Ligue 1 category. French small club leaders came up with an idea: why not go back to France, Sheik Diabate? The striker, former Bordeaux, 194 centimeters tall and spotty bark, hardly scored in Osmanlispori, Turkey. Often, in the career he has suffered the first stage.

He is for the second stage, just like the first season at Bordeaux, when he signed 10 goals from January onwards. And, in fact, returns to Ligue 1, where Metc rescues with 8 goals in 14 games. But Metc can not keep the card and Diabate is damaged and does not find the team. It remains only six months and then comes Benevento’s call. A call that resembles that of Metc a year ago. Benevento, of course, is worse and worse and the miracle saves him, but he, Sheik, 29, begins to catch his shape.

It is activated with a diner until its debut day, with Krotonen on February 18, when it marks. Then, headed to Verona on April 4th. Copies and wins 3-0. For the team of Gjimsht and Memushaj, of course, hopes for a survival are almost zero, but the national football player of Mali is not satisfied and marks Juventus two goals in the 70’s, fearing.

The stadium strikes and when he leaves, Juventus scores two goals. But it could not be thought to play two consecutive 90 minutes. But figures say: 5 matches, 194 minutes on the pitch, 5 goals. An average of 1 goal to 39 ‘. Benevento will probably go to Serie B, but Diabate won the next bet.

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